Recipe: Healthy, Delicious, Home-Fried Onion Rings {With a Coconut Twist}


I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve been so excited to share this recipe! But first, I’ll share a little background.

Last year, I started pan frying with coconut oil. I’ve pan-fried chicken legs (and made gravy), chicken legs and liver (and made gravy), pork chops (and made gravy) – can you tell we like gravy ;) – tortillas (for soft-shelled tacos, but no gravy), and, just recently, onion rings.

I’ve been so pleased with the taste of everything made with coconut oil.

I had been using olive oil for these sort of meals (except the onion rings, which is a new thing for me). After hearing about coconut oil, I decided to give it a try. Coconut oil is also better suited for medium-high heat cooking.

I use good oils in my home cooking, but I’m more relaxed about it when eating out. (You almost have to be.)

I’ve purchased onion rings at a cafeteria I frequent, but during a recent visit, I asked what oils they use. Most restaurants and cafeterias use hydrogenated oil, and this place, I learned, was no exception.

I walked away. No onion rings for Holly. :( The only solution was to figure out how to make home-fried onion rings.

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Handmade Gift Idea: Sweet Rice Gift Jar


About six weeks ago, I decided I would get serious about shedding some pounds. (I so love my sweets and cheesy food!) I’m so happy to say that the Lord has helped keep me motivated. Usually, my desire for food far outweighs my desire to get back to my pre-married weight.

These past six weeks, with the obvious exception of Thanksgiving and special ocassions, I’ve stuck to a special diet I created for myself. One important thing I’ve done is remove most desserts from my diet – that’s a HUGE deal for me! Once I shed “some” pounds,

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Recipe: Super Simple Baked Pumpkin Seeds


With Thanksgiving just days away, it’s been that time of year for anything pumpkin. I enjoy pumpkin pie, but I’ve never been CRAZY about it. I do, however, LOVE pumpkin lattes. I also enjoy baked pumpkin seeds. They’re healthy, practically free, and very easy to prepare. I baked a couple batches just recently.

To start the whole process, I decided to try The Prairie Homestead’s method of baking the pumpkins whole – and what a great idea that was! After the pumpkins cooled off, but were still warm, I removed all the seeds from one of

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A No-Waste Pumpkin


There are countless ways to put to good use all parts (rind, pulp, fibrous strands, and seeds) of a pumpkin. Here are just a few ways. We’d love to hear how your family uses pumpkins. Be sure to share your ideas in the comments area. Pumpkin Rind

Compost Worm Food

Red wiggler compost worms LOVE pumpkin rind, or so I’ve read. I started my worm “farm” back in March, so this is the first real opportunity I’ve had to feed them this fall/harvest/Thanksgiving treat. They’ll be feasting on some pumpkin rinds very soon.

Don’t have compost

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How to Dice a Mango


Someone asked me how I dice mangos for mango salsa. Here’s the easy 3-step process. 1. Peel the mango with a vegetable peeler. 2. Cut vertical wedges. 3. Place the wedges flat side down, and slice them into rows and columns.

That’s how I dice mangos (and apples, for creamy apple pies).

If you missed the mango salsa recipe, click here. Here’s an avocado, mango, and lime salad recipe you might also enjoy, from A Delightful Home.

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Recipe: A Cucumber Snack


Looking for an easy recipe to put those garden cucumbers to good use? Here’s a recipe for a YUMMY cucumber snack! [Join me over at Frugal Granola for this post.]

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