July’s JUMBO Giveaway!!!


This post contains affiliate links.

I’m trying to schedule a big giveaway once each calendar quarter (or thereabouts), so it’s time for our next one. :)

Today’s prize package consists of a plethora of various gardening, cooking, preserving, foraging, and homesteading items. Each item was carefully chosen for a well-rounded prize package at over $343 ARV!!!

Most of the items are provided by today’s host bloggers and sponsors from their online stores, books they wrote, and a DVD one of them created. The rest of us pooled our money together to purchase items from Amazon, local stores, and even more items from Pantry Paratus to bring you this FABULOUS prize package.

Nearly HALF (or more, depending on how you count them) of the items come from Pantry Paratus! Their online catalog consists of over 300 items: pressure canners; food dehydrators; kitchen tools and utensils; how-to resources on gardening, cooking, preserving, foraging, homesteading, etc.; and much more.

Amazing Graze General Store has all kinds of stuff for the kitchen and farm like grain mills, juicers, breadmakers, even chicken poop lip balm, and more. Peaceful Acres Farm store offers homemade aromatherapy items, organic herbal salves, wool products, and more. Timber Creek Farm’s Etsy store sells handspun wool. And Trayer Wilderness store is just the place to shop for your survival needs such as knives, multiflame tools, a squirrel roaster, candles, and more.

Most of the books in today’s giveaway were written by Amazing Graze Farm, Learning and Yearning, The Organic Kitchen, and Schneider Peeps also has a gardening book we gave away in a recent giveaway.

We even have a DVD in the mix. Yep. New Life on a Homestead is providing the winner with their At Home Canning for Beginners & Beyond.

Don’t forget the rest of us who don’t have stores or books because we’re pretty amazing, too. Seriously. Just ask us. ;)

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Spring Bonanza Giveaway No. 3: Goodies for Birds, Chickens, and Gardeners!


This post contains affiliate links.

Today starts the third and final spring bonanza giveaway.

Did you enter the first giveaway and second giveaway? There’s still time to enter them. :)

With warm sunny days just around the corner, I’m looking forward to one of my all-time favorite hobbies (other than gardening): bird watching. In warm weather, I love to sit on our covered front porch and watch the birds at and near the feeders. We’ve even had the pleasure of being entertained by a crazy bird.

We don’t have any chickens, but many of you may have chickens and enjoy watching them move about and scratch for food. We even have something in today’s giveaway package for the chickens.

Sitting outside and enjoying the beauty God created – the birds, chickens, wildlife, and plants – can be so relaxing, almost therapeutic, similar to gardening.

Speaking of gardening, I’m very excited to be able to include Susan Vinskofski’s new e-book The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil. :) Continue reading this post for more information on it.

With that in mind, we start the third and final spring bonanza giveaway.

A special thanks to today’s sponsors:

- Learning and Yearning
- Your Gardening Friend

Thank you!!

(Yep, it feels a little weird to put Your Gardening Friend in that list, but I’m a sucker for consistency.) ;)

Giveaway Items

1. Cedar Suet Plug Bird Feeder (courtesy of Your Gardening Friend)

2. Wildlife Sciences Sunflower Blend Suet Plugs (2 packages)

3. Pennington Ultra Nut & Fruit Blend Bird Food (2.5 lbs.)

4. Pennington Ultra Nut & Fruit Blend Bird Food, No Hulls (2.5 lbs.)

5. Galvanized Poultry Feeder with Glass Quart Jar

6. Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy (3.5 oz.)

7. The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil eBook (affiliate link) (courtesy of Learning and Yearning)

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Spring Bonanza Giveaway No. 2: Gardening Gifts Galore!


This post contains affiliate links.

It’s time for the second giveaway this month! :)

Did you enter the first giveaway? There’s still time to enter it. :)

If there’s one common theme buzzing around on gardening and homesteading blogs right now it would have to be SEED PLANTING. After a long and exceptionally cold winter across the nation, we’re all aching to get our gardens growing. If that’s true for you then you’ll love today’s giveaway.

Speaking of starting seeds, did you catch the How to Make Your Own Seed-Starter Mix post?

A special thanks to today’s sponsors:

- Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
- Peaceful Acres Farm
- Schneider Peeps

Thank you!!

Giveaway Items

~ 10 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Packets
(courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.)

  1. Beet – Detroit Dark Red
  2. Carrot – Tonda di Parigi
  3. Cucumber – Boston Pickling
  4. Kale – Green Leaf Gailan (Chinese Kale)
  5. Pepper – Albino Bullnose
  6. Squash – Long Pie Pumpkin
  7. Sunflower – Mammoth Grey Striped
  8. Sweet Pea – King Edward VII
  9. Tomato – Black Krim
  10. Tomato – Cherokee Purple

~ (1) Large Planter

~ (3) Small Planters

~ (1) Organic Coir Brick (affiliate link)

~ (2) Garden Gloves (2 pairs)

~ (1) Coffee Kitchen Soap, 4-5 oz. (courtesy of Peaceful Acres Farm)

~ (1) Healing Balm of Gilead, 2 oz. (courtesy of Peaceful Acres Farm)

~ (1) The Gardening Notebook eBook (courtesy of Schneider Peeps)

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Spring Bonanza Giveaway No. 1: Compost Worms & MORE!


March is finally here, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead, both on our plot of land and here on Your Gardening Friend!

March means spring, and spring means gardening begins. And, to top it off, March marks another blog anniversary for Your Gardening Friend!

Spring is a great time to start some warm weather traditions. Traditions are important no matter what they are. Wanna know what I do annually to celebrate spring?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My Annual Spring Tradition

Each spring I turn into a giddy gardener frolicking through the neighborhood [and down the rows of cubicles at work] with my little flower-girl basket. Since it’s too early to pick flowers, hands full of composted cow manure and garden seeds are showered on everyone in my pathway!

Sadly, I have neighbors and coworkers who don’t appreciate my gracious gift of nutrient dense manure flying towards them or being pelted with garden seeds.

After being pulled aside – and many heated debates – I was persuaded to change my spring and gardening celebration to something more …“civilized”: a calm and quiet garden giveaway.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For all the giddy gardeners out there like me, don’t worry! Today’s giveaway includes some amazing creatures that make amazing manure, except with worms it’s called castings. We’ve also got a great book (ebook or paperback) being offered from my friend Melissa K Norris. Last, but not least, is an Amazon gift card.

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November Giveaway: $400 Amazon Gift Card!!!


Yes, that’s right. This month’s giveaway is a $400 Amazon gift card! This is, by far, the biggest giveaway we’ve offered.

And the timing of this gift card couldn’t be any better. The giveaway ends before Thanksgiving, which means the winner will be able to do all kinds of Christmas shopping with it.

Do you know how many compost worms you could buy with $400?! I bet that’s EXACTLY what you were thinking, too. Right?

Unlike last month’s giveaway, this giveaway will not run the full month. It ends Monday, November 18th @ 11:59pm PST. So enter now while it’s on your mind.

Follow these instructions to enter for a chance to win.

1. If I won a $400 Amazon gift card I might purchase this Excalibur Dehydrator.

Click to take a closer look. (After reading about it come back here to complete steps 2, 3, and 4.)

2. Subscribe to receive Your Gardening Friend posts directly in your email inbox!

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