Homemaking for the 5 Senses: Touch


Phiseksit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I was thinking through Jill’s Homemaking for the 5 Senses series, the Lord flooded my mind with ideas for the sense of touch. The sense of touch is not one we give a lot of thought to, but there are so many ways we can make our homes more inviting, more cozy, by maximizing the sense of touch.

1. Comfortable Front Porch Seating. John and I spend a lot of time just sitting on our covered porch, enjoying the scenery of our woods, and all the wildlife.

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Our Air-Conditioned & Heated Dog Houses

Today’s post is not a gardening post, but a subject dear to my heart – the comfort of animals, while they’re outdoors. (Don’t worry. I’ve been thinking through a bunch of gardening topics for the near future.)

John and I love animals, and can’t stand to think of them living in misery. To ensure our dogs are comfortable during our long days at work, and our incredibly long commute, John designed and built pampered daytime living quarters up by our barn. It’s not “glamorous”, but it’s very functional. We’ve added on a number of times, so it’s actually

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Cranberries – Not Just A Thanksgiving Dish


We have three canine children ranging from the ages of 4 to 10. They are our pride and joy. I hope to have goats or cows in a couple years, but, for the time-being, we have plenty of joy (and vet bills) with three dogs.

Cranberries… did she totally forget the title of her post? That’s what you’re thinking, right? Just hold on. I’m getting there.

After spending a lot of money in the last two weeks on vet bills for Bunker, our male Doberman, on a myriad of meds; an emergency ultrasound (that cost me my left

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Tale of The Swallowtails


Today’s post is a guest post by Melissa at Sprigs and Roots.


The sight of a butterfly drinking nectar from a garden flower can evoke an appreciation of a simple and delicate beauty. However, we rarely stop to think about the less-than-picturesque life the butterfly had prior to that point.

This story recounts how a few garden intruders completed their transformation into butterflies, with a little help from the community.

The Discovery

One hot Saturday, I came across a brightly-colored caterpillar while weeding. Because it wasn’t on a plant, I left it alone,

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