The One Thing I Feed My Compost Worms When I’m Out of Kitchen Scraps


Aside from the microbial-rich castings compost worms provide, one reason people choose compost worms as a source of their garden manure/fertilizer is because the worms cost almost nothing to “raise.”

A lot of the kitchen scraps people throw away (or toss into their compost pile) can be used to feed compost worms.

In the fall, I like to freeze pumpkin, including the rind, as a future food source for my compost worms. They LOVE pumpkin and pumpkin rind.

However, if I have no fresh scraps, rotting scraps I’ve set aside in the fridge, or leftovers stashed in the freezer, I’ve been known to break open a can of pumpkin puree. Yep. A perfectly good can of pumpkin puree will go to the worms. You do what you have to to keep your little gardening friends alive and well. :)

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