How to GET and STAY Hungry


I debated on what the best title would be for this post. I started with “How to Stretch Your Stomach” but decided on “How to GET and STAY Hungry.” Yes, both titles are equally peculiar, until they’re explained.

As you may have suspected, today’s post is not about the physical body but the soul. The hungering I refer to is that of a Christian hungering for righteousness, godliness, or an intimate walk with God.

Matthew 5:6

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.

Even though I spend time daily in God’s Word and in prayer, I often feel the pull of the world on my soul. When I become careless or laxidasical in my walk with the Lord the pull feels stronger, and I’m more prone to make compromises. For instance, there are certain things I won’t watch on television, but after a while I start to make exceptions.

I remember as a teenager hearing a sad and sobering spiritual analogy. Supposedly, a frog can be boiled while still alive without the frog even trying to get out of the water. (I don’t know if this is actually true, but it’s what I was told.)

The person said that if a frog is placed in a pan of [probably lukewarm] water and the temperature is raised very slowly, the frog will be totally unaware of what is happening.

I know! It’s a horrible thing to even think about, but there’s a spiritual application to this. The secret to the frog not being aware of its impending doom are the subtle and slow changes to its environment.

I’m eternally grateful that when the spiritual application of this happens in my life, eventually I’m convicted of it, and the Lord helps me to confess and repent (turning away from sin and turning in obedience to God), and my soul is refreshed and invigorated by the goodness of God.

How to GET Hungry

If you find yourself in a state where you realize you don’t have a hunger or strong desire to honor God with your life, to make a spiritual difference in the lives of others, to share the gospel of salvation … What do you do? How do you get that hunger?

I believe that if you’re contemplating this, curious about how you can change, then the Holy Spirit is already working in you to bring this about. I find that very encouraging. However, if you just sit back and wait for God to change you and make everything just happen, you may or may not experience anything beyond that contemplation.

  1. Confess your sins.
  2. Acknowledge where you’re at, ask God for forgiveness for your hardened heart, and earnestly ask God to change your heart.

  3. Spend time DAILY in God’s Word and in prayer. If this area of your life has taken a back seat don’t be surprised that you don’t have a hunger or thirst for righteousness. Time with God is paramount.

    When we don’t spend quality time with our spouse or friends we don’t feel that bond, and they quickly fall down the list of our priorities. Likewise, when we don’t spend quality time with God His importance to us diminishes, and our communion with Him suffers.

  4. Surround yourself with godly people.

Proverbs 13:20

He who walks with wise men will be wise,
But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

How to STAY Hungry

Staying hungry for God involves pretty much the same things as getting that hunger. However, I recommend being on guard for signs that you’ve placed God on the back burner of your life.

I have some other helpful tips in a post I wrote last year. I also shared how God even used my dog to make me think of spiritual things.

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7 comments to How to GET and STAY Hungry

  • In a world that anxiously works hard to buy the best food and drink, seeking Jesus’ new kingdom and righteousness is decidedly different (Mt. 6:25-33). Instead of hungering and thirsting for the most expensive food and drink, disciples of Jesus hunger and thirst for Jesus’ distinctive righteousness, a righteousness that includes not laying up treasured possessions on earth (but giving to the poor) (Mt. 6:19-21; 19:21).

  • Hi Holly! This was so beautifully written! It is so true how the world pulls on us on a daily basis! We don’t have cable anymore, so that’s one less pull. I too, love gardening and am having fun planting veggies! I hope this year’s garden makes better than last year! Have a great week! Blessings from Bama!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Felecia. I hope it was a blessing to you.

      I, too, have high hopes for this year’s garden. Last year was good, but I want to do so much more this year. :)

      Have a great weekend!!!

  • Enjoyed finding this today (morning)! Looks like I have found someone close to my heart in thinking! God bless you as you do this! Thanks for the “simple Gate” … I need one for my asparagus bed! Now if I can just keep the guineas out!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Delecia. God bless you, too.

      Good luck keeping the guineas out. (Pssst … You won’t want to miss Monday’s post. ;) )

  • Rachelle

    Well written! Thank you. I need to remind myself of this more often than I would like!

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