How You Can Help Prevent Needless Bird Deaths


If you’ve been reading Your Gardening Friend posts for any decent length of time, you know I love birds. Yes, I like chickens – for both their taste and cuteness – but I’m talkin’ about the little chirping birds around the house.

I’m in awe of God, that He created such a vast array of birds in size, bird calls, mannerisms, and color. Just like the brilliant colored fish found in coral reefs, sometimes I think God created what we need for sustenance and then so much more simply for our enjoyment and entertainment. Most importantly, all creation bears witness to God.

We’ve lived in this house for 6.5 years. In all those years I’ve never cleaned ALL the windows. As a matter of fact, of the 13 windows in our house, only two have been cleaned on both the inside and outside more than once. Those two windows are picture windows near our kitchen table. It’s from those windows I can see the front porch, all bird feeders, eventually that will include the bird feeder I recently made, a vintage tea kettle windchime that’s been used as a bird nest, and our bubbling boulder.

I like those two windows to be squeaky clean for the best view and enjoyment possible. The problem with the windows being THAT clean is the birds don’t realize the glass panes are there.

I can’t tell you how many times birds have tried to fly through the closed windows. Sometimes I’ll lower the blinds a bit to help them realize there’s something behind the glass, but they still hit the windows. I really like to have the blinds pulled all the way up to the top of the window and enjoy the view. Sometimes I’ll lower them two-thirds down but keep them open. I’ve also got a couple houseplants that sit on the table and need sunlight. {Sigh …}

A guy at work was telling me just last week of something sad he witnessed. He was sitting at one of our work tables near the huge windows. As he looked out the window, he saw a bird lying on its back on the snowy ground, seemingly dead. A few birds stood by watching but eventually flew off. Later, he looked back out the window and saw one of the bird’s wings twitch. The bird stood up, half-dazed, and took an hour before it flew away.

Clearly, that bird had tried to fly into the glass window pane and must have hit it pretty hard.

My coworker must have done some research after this incident because he then told me the Wildlife … {something or another} estimates 100 MILLION birds die annually from window collisions. Can you imagine that!? 100 MILLION EVERY YEAR. I Googled it and came across the same statistic. (1) He then went on to say there are window decals you can place on the outside of your windows to help deter the birds from attempting to fly through them. (2)

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, what’s thought to cause the birds to fly into the windows is the reflection of the landscape. They see the trees and sky reflected in the window and fly towards them. (2)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology also lists a number of ideas on how you can help prevent bird from colliding into windows. I think the one I like the most is propping up tree branches near the window to cause the birds to slow down and perch on the branches. (1) This would still allow me to enjoy all the things I mentioned at the beginning of the post, prevent needless bird deaths, AND maybe even get to see the birds up close and personal as they perch on the branch props. At the very least, I hope the collisions into the windows stop FOR THEIR SAKE.

Have you had problems with birds trying to fly into your windows?

Have you found something that helps prevent birds from colliding into your windows?

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