10 Things You Can do With Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin puree has center stage this time of year. There seems to be no limit to the ways pumpkin puree can be used: pumpkin pies, cakes, breads, drinks, and even body treatments.

Annually, pumpkin puree struts on stage like some kind of crazy peacock. All the while, the humble little pumpkin seeds sit quietly in the corner cheering and supporting them.

I felt sorry for the little guys, so today’s post is all about the pumpkin seeds. (Okay. Maybe a little too goofy.)

Here are 10 ways pumpkin seeds can be used.

1. Pumpkin Seeds for Next Year’s Garden

To have your pumpkin seeds make more pumpkins next year, here’s what you do.

Before baking your pumpkin (if you like to bake it whole) remove the seeds. Thoroughly rinse the seeds to remove all pumpkin guts. Place the rinsed seeds, singled layered, on a paper towel. After an hour or so place them on a new dry paper towel. (We like to reuse our paper towels.) Depending on the room humidity, the seeds may take as little as one week to a few weeks to dry. Periodically check on them, and toss any moldy seeds. Once they’ve dried, place the seeds in a paper envelope to save for next spring’s garden.

2. Baked Pumpkin Seeds

The flavors you can come up with for roasted pumpkin seeds are limited only by your imagination. If you can think of a spice you enjoy, then you’ll probably like pumpkin seeds with that spice.

Here’s one of the simplest roasted pumpkin seeds recipes you’ll find. I’m ALL about simple recipes.

3. Cornucopia Cookies

I recently tried some cookies that had pumpkin or squash seeds in them. I had intended to bake my own special concoction, but we’ve had some oven issues. We now have a working oven, but you know how it goes. Too many things you want to do and not enough time.

WHEN I make mine, I’ll be putting BAKED seeds into the dough. The cookies I tried did not have crunchy seeds, which I’d like to try.

4. Pumpkin Seeds Snack Mix

This one is sort of like the flavors of roasted pumpkin seeds – no limit to the possibilities.

Mix some baked pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, cashews and/or almonds, and whatever else you can think of into a to-go container. Or, put everything into a mason jar with a beautiful ribbon, and you’ve got a Christmas gift.

5. Pumpkin Seeds Salad Topper

If you like a little crunch to your salads (I do), sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds on top.

6. Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

These little seeds are packed full of nutrients. They’ve got zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, protein, vitamins E and B, just to name a few.

Even if there’s a chance they can help fight off osteoporosis and help with good and bad cholesterol – and more – it’s worth eating a handful.

*I’m just a gal, a gardening gal. I’m not a medical professional of ANY kind. Consult your doctor for any concerns and decisions about your health.*

7. Pumpkin Seeds Bird Feed

I love watching the birds gather around our bird feeders. (Even the crazy birds are fun to watch.) During subzero temperatures, it’s one of the few outdoor activities you can enjoy while sitting next to a window in your heated house.

Some of the more expensive seasonal bird feed will have pumpkin seeds in it. If you have an abundance of pumpkin seeds, share ‘em with the birds. They can use a little help finding healthy nibbles during the winter.

8. Pumpkin Seeds Dog Treats

As I shared on Facebook recently, I just recently learned that pumpkin seeds can be used as dog treats.

This past weekend I was baking some pumpkin seeds. One fell to the floor. Immediately, my smart cordless vacuum gobbled it up.

{Sigh.} Thank you, Cocoa (our smart cordless vacuum cleaner, a.k.a. our chocolate Labrador). You’re a good helper. Now mommy needs to get on the computer to see if we need to take our adorable vacuum cleaner to the emergency repair shop.

It turns out pumpkin seeds are okay and even good for dogs. Who’d a’thought it.

9. Pumpkin Seeds School Crafts

This seems almost wasteful to me, but if they were going to end up in the trash then this is a much better use.

They can be glued onto paper to look like flower petals, a person’s shoes, the sun’s rays, a pathway, or whatever else you can think of. It can be a fun craft project for your kids or students.

10. Pumpkin Seeds and Cinnamon Brittle

How do you use pumpkin seeds?

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