I Bet You WANT Compost Worms, But Just Didn’t Know It. Here’s Why.


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We find it maddening the inconvenience and shameful waste of time we must soldier through while we *patiently* wait 20 seconds for a website page to refresh, or mind-baffling that our new technology device – made in Taiwan, across the ocean, thousands of miles away – took 3 WHOLE days to arrive on our front porch.

Yet, we yearn for a more authentic slow paced lifestyle. Irony. No one is immune to it.

While we enjoy some of the modern day technologies, we want to take the extra time to make healthy, from-scratch meals like those in this From Scratch recipes book. Better yet, we want those ingredients to come from our backyard.

For many, the idea of having their own garden seems out of reach … too lofty … almost surreal. Or, it’s simply a task that will always get started next summer.

Is this you? What has kept you from starting your first garden, or from getting back into gardening? Does the task seem daunting? Do you imagine hours on-end keeping up with the weeds? What has kept YOU from living that dream?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions this post is for YOU.

  1. Have you wanted to start a garden, but even a small garden seems difficult to start?
  2. Do you currently garden, but want to find new ways to fertilize without chemicals or store-bought manure?
  3. Have you for years dreamed and prayed about having your own homestead critters? Have you wanted to live off your land beyond a garden, but because of your current finances, property constraints, schedules, or differences of family member ideas it just hasn’t come to fruition?

Vermicomposting provides something for both the gardener and homesteader. It allows you to have a little of both worlds. It’s where the two worlds overlap.


I’m convinced if people just got a small taste, no pun intended, for the gardening experience it would be the very catalyst needed for whatever that next step is.

If there was something you could do to give you a taste, a hunger or motivation, to actually start your garden, would you consider it?

Would you believe me if I said you could find such motivation from a container full of newspaper, spoiled kitchen scraps, and squirmy worms? (God actually provides this motivation, but He uses many things to motivate and encourage us.)

There are so many things we can do to return to yesterday years. There’s composting, gardening, cooking from scratch, canning, drying food, or raising animals. Composting, specifically vermicomposting, is probably the least timely, least expensive, requires the least amount of space, and requires very little knowledge or research to hit the ground running. It does require some knowledge, but I’ve got ya covered.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I, too, want to own the traditional homestead critters (goats for us), but it hasn’t been the right time. I’m simply saying, if you have a laundry list of gardening and homesteading dreams that are not yet possible, or you’ve just had difficulty getting started, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason why you couldn’t start vermicomposting. Start there, and add on.

I do want compost worms. Where do I start?

  1. Purchase your first pound of compost worms. Make sure you get compost worms. These are different than your common earthworm or night-crawler. I recommend red wigglers. You can order red wigglers here.
  2. Read through my Compost Worms 101 series. The posts are VERY light reading and full of photos. At the very least, read 14 Reasons to Have Compost Worms. If you start vermicomposting you’ll need to read the others, too.
  3. Enter my End of Summer Celebration Giveaway {Compost Worms}. (It won’t be a pound of worms, but it’s a start and they’re FREE – for the winner.) Only 1 person will win, so it’s up to you if you want to wait until the end of October to see if you’re the winner. You might lose your motivation by then, but you know yourself better than I do.

Do you do vermicomposting? If not, have you been thinking about starting?

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