Recipe: Sautéed Cucumbers


This recipe came about one afternoon when I was hungry for a salad, but I had no fresh picked lettuce in the house. DUN, DUN, dun!! {That’s scary music.} I could have simply walked up to the garden, but I decided not to take the long walk. (Our driveway is about the length of a football field.) Instead, I got creative with what was in the fridge. Cucumbers.

I honestly had no idea if the dish would taste disgusting or scrumptious. When the taste-testing moment of truth came, I was surprisingly pleased. I had never heard of sautéed cucumbers, which made the whole experience even more rewarding.

About a week later, I did a word search for sautéed cucumbers, and learned I was not the first to have had this idea. Although, I did not come across any recipes like mine, but I only looked at one or two recipes, just long enough to get a quick glance at one and see that other people had already thought of sautéing cucumbers. :)

Later that evening I made more for dinner. The dish was a hit. At least that’s how I would interpret, “Is there any more of the green goulash?”

By the way, if I share a recipe here, odds are, it will have 7-ish ingredients OR LESS. No matter how delicious a dish looks, if it has a grocery list of ingredients I usually pause, salivate over the photo, and then turn the page or click onward. I suppose there are always exceptions, so I’ll just say that’s the general rule of thumb here on Your Gardening Friend.


- 1 Stack of Cucumber Slices (about 6″ tall)
- 3 Tbsp Dried Minced Onion
- 1.5 Tbsp Butter
- Garlic Salt, Salt, and Pepper (to taste)

Don’t be too shy with the garlic salt, but don’t overdo it.

You can also add dill. (I didn’t use any, and it still tasted fantastic.)


- Slice the cucumber into thin slices.
- Place the butter into the skillet on medium heat.
- As soon as the butter melts, pour the cucumber slices into the skillet.
- Sauté for 1 minute.
- Pour everything else into the skillet. (Keep the cucumbers in the skillet.)
- Sauté for approximately 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
- I like the dried minced onion a little brown. (The color also adds to the presentation.)

Serve immediately. This is not the kind of dish you want to let set for 10 minutes while you finish getting the table ready. It will get cold and lose its delicious WOWness factor. Ya’ can’t lose that!

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