Fruits, Vegetables, and Your Canine


Today’s post is mostly a fun post, but I’ve also included some things to know about fruits, vegetables, and your canine.

Bunker is our loveable doberman, our sweet little “boy.”

I recently taught him a cute trick where he’ll hold a dog biscuit or large chunk of a carrot on his nose, for what seems to be FOREVER. He’s so pliable and eager to please, he learned the trick instantly. In one of the photos, you can see him drooling while he stares at the carrot on his nose, waiting for me to give him permission to drop the carrot and eat it. Lilly, our shepherd mix, refuses to cooperate in such a silly trick. She’s a very practical kind of dog, a no-nonsense dog, and a carrot sitting on a dog’s nose is nonsense.

Like any dog, he enjoys human food (given in moderation, and only as treats), but, in my mind, lettuce is his favorite. Just like some cats associate the sound of an electric can opener with chow time, Bunker knows the sound of a lettuce bag. He can be laying peacefully in the living room, until he hears the sound of a lettuce Zip-lock bag opening. Before I know it, he’s at my side and at-the-ready!

It may sound similar to him of a bag of cheese opening, but, trust me, HE LOVES THAT LETTUCE!

Below are some fruits and vegetables that can be beneficial (or at least okay to eat in moderation), and some that can be harmful – or even fatal – to your dog. (This list is NOT an exhaustive or all-encompassing list. There are other fruits and vegetables that could be on this list, especially the bad list, which seems quite long.)

Beneficial or Okay Fruits and/or Vegetables for Your Canine:

  1. Cranberries. A few months back, I started giving Bunker a weekly dose of either diluted cranberry juice or dried cranberries as a natural means of preventive health care. It’s become a weekly Saturday treat. He has no problem drinking the juice or eating the fruit. Lilly would rather die of thirst than drink it.
  2. Carrots. These are also great teeth cleaning treats.
  3. Bananas. When I learned that bananas are safe for dogs, I found it comical. All of our dobermans have always been gassy. Our first doberman’s nickname was Gas Man. They can smell up a room faster than you can say, “Breath through your mouth!”.

    I’m not sure if dogs process bananas like humans do, but I’m content to keep that a mystery. ;)

Harmful Fruits and/or Vegetables for Your Canine:

  1. Grapes and Raisins. These fruits can cause renal failure in dogs.
  2. Fruit Pits and Seeds. Fruit pits and seeds can be fatal because they contain cyanide, so keep them far away from your 4-legged kiddos. Swallowing a very, very, very small amount might (but might not) be okay, but why take the chance? Chewing them makes the situation worse.
  3. Avacados.
  4. Onions.

I think almost everyone knows not to give their dog chocolate. Did you also know that macadamia nuts are bad for dogs? It’s weird, but true.

(Always do your research, and ask a veterinarian about the safety of a particular food before letting your dog eat it.)

What unusual food does your dog, cat, goat, cow, chicken, pig, or [fill in the blank] love eating?

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21 comments to Fruits, Vegetables, and Your Canine

  • MaryBeth

    So cute!
    My dogs love carrots and cauliflower. They come running when I open the produce drawer in the fridge and beg for a carrot. I have ruined them because I thought it was so cool that they liked veggies! I learned the hard way that begging is begging, even if it’s healthy, lol.
    They also have been eating the cherries that have fallen from the tree, although they seem to have had their fill these last few days. I never had dogs that liked veggies before but maybe it’s me because I didn’t like veggies before. hum……..

    • Holly

      Your dogs sound adorable and fun, like mine. :)

      Your dogs begging for a carrot at the sound of the refrigerator produce drawer opening, being cute only at first, reminds me of something I thought of teaching my dogs. I thought of tieing something to the fridge door that would allow them to tug on it and open the refrigerator. I still think it would be cool, but I’ve refrained for fear of what they’ll get into when I’m in the other room. It would only be cool if my dogs knew when it would be cute and when it would NOT!! I suppose it would be like me giving a toddler an opened bag of candy and saying, “You can keep the bag all day, but only eat 1 piece.” Yeah, right! LOL! :)

  • Betsy

    We have a mulberry tree in our yard and our dog LOVES to eat the fallen ones off the ground! Mulberry season is almost over, she’s going to be so sad the rest of the year!

    • Holly

      Poor thing. I can imagine it’ll be sad, like you said, watching her hunt for something she wants so badly, to end up empty-handed. :( (I’m sure it’s cute, though, watching her eat the berries, while in season. And within a few days, she’ll be having just as much fun with a bug on the floor. ;) )

  • Hpuletz

    When I first saw this picture of Bunker, I thought that was a chunk of cheese, since no dog would like carrots. LOL. I’ll have to try that with mine. Garlic is also hazardous to dogs (and cats). I have a cats that loves cantelope, and used to have another cat that did.

  • You made me laugh! I needed that! We care for my son’s doberman, Grace. He can’t keep her where he lives. She so wants to please and is a lot of fun! She is very gassy too! Must be something about the breed! I’m going to give her a piece of carrot now – banana later!
    Delightsome post! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Holly

      THANKS! I’m so glad someone got a chuckle out of it.

      I love to meet others who can share my appreciation for this SWEET breed.

      Grace being gassy confirms it: dobermans are a farty breed. :D

  • Bunker is adorable! I have a border collie, and he always knows when I have food. He wedges himself between me and the cabinets to sit on my feet while I’m prepping dinner so I can’t possibly miss that he’s there and wants to “help”. Lol.

    He likes carrots, and begs for broccoli, but he only likes that as long as it’s crunchy. When it’s not, he spits it out somewhere and comes back for a new piece. :)

    I wonder if dobermans are generally gassy because they’re less tolerant of the wheat/corn in dog food than other breeds?

    • Holly

      I love the part about the broccoli: “…he spits it out somewhere and comes back for a new piece.” SOMEWHERE?? Do you find wet, soggy, chewed-up broccoli between the couch cushions, or step on it in the middle of the night!? LOL.

  • Greetings! I couldn’t tell you how or where I found your website, but I like what I see. I had to jump on this topic….
    I have three cats. Ralph, my best boy, is 14 years old. Ralph has a serious love for orange foods! He will stalk whoever is eating oranges (especially mandarins); he hovers and begs when we cut into a cantaloupe; he’s been known to nom on apricots, peaches, nectarines, and his favorite fish – salmon. Maybe it has to do with his being a basement cat (black and orange are Halloween colours, right?).

    • Holly

      Hi, Michelle. So glad you found Your Gardening Friend, however that came about.

      Ralph sounds like he knows what he likes, when it comes to what he wants in his tummy. Anything orange … Peculiar, but I guess so is Bunker. :)

  • My doberman also love carrots! She can hear the sound of the carrot peeler across the house and will run to sit in the kitchen door until we share with her!

  • Lori

    My “vicious” pit-bull and English bulldog will both come running from across the house the second they hear me start snapping asparagus spears! They sit and beg until all the woody ends are eaten. It cracks me up every time!

    • Holly

      That is so funny! Have dogs simply forgotten that their excitement should be reserved for the sounds and smells of a nice juicy hamburger grilling? LOL.

  • Kristi

    my brother has a lab/german shepherd mix that absolutely loves ICE! he comes running every time he hears the freezer door open or hears the ice machine. anytime anyone is drinking, he sits there and stares at them intently until they give him a piece. if they dont give him some, he sulks. its so adorable! and its the cheapest dog treat on the market lol!

    • Holly

      Ice. Interesting. :) It must be the crunch he likes, ’cause I can’t think of anything delicious it tastes like. Yep, they’re adorable.

      Ice is probably a good teeth cleaner, too.

  • HB

    My dogs love kale. They will beg for it when I cook it- i give the the stalks- and sometimes the leaf. And I have kale growing in my yard that is growing straight up- because they eat anything they can reach!

    • Holly

      For people who don’t have dogs that enjoy veggies, it probably seems weird to hear of pet owners trying to come up with ways to keep their dogs out of the cookie/biscuit jar of VEGGIES, like making sure their kale grows straight up. ;) Funny.

  • Jean

    Pumpkin. Plain canned pumpkin- great for a shiny coat too

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