Why I Wear A Garden Hat (The No. 1 Reason)

I’m sure you can probably think of a few really good reasons to wear a garden hat. It’s also possible that none of those reasons are the number one reason why I wear one.

I’ll give you a clue. I live in the thick of the woods. If you’ve spent any good length of time in the woods WITHOUT a hat, you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about – TICKS!!!

They literally fall out of the trees, and into your hair. How, you ask? It’s simple: ticks have legs… they like to crawl… they crawl up trees, and then they fall.

It wasn’t until we moved to our current home (in the middle of the woods) that I had the “pleasure” of encountering ticks, up very close and personal.

There’s nothing more creepy than finding a tick on yourself. On more than one occasion, after being outside for awhile, I’ve grabbed my hair brush to check my hair for ticks. I brush my hair with a long sweep of the brush, and then look in the brush. I repeat this process a number of times, and, eventually, I’ll see a creepy-looking tick squirming around in the hair brush! If I’ve painted a grotesque image in your mind, try seeing it in person, with the realization that the tick was on your scalp!! (I tried to get a good photo of one, but couldn’t get my camera to focus. So I guess you can breathe a sigh of relief.)

So the next time you take a nature hike in the woods, just remember that without a hat on, more lives will walk out of the woods than the number who went in.

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7 comments to Why I Wear A Garden Hat (The No. 1 Reason)

  • Not quite what I thought you’d say – but I totally agree! There’s nothing creapier than a tick! Yuck! Great advice and I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Holly

      Yeah, I WISH my reason for needing to wear a hat was a different reason – indeed!!

      (Thanks for hosting such a lovely Home and Garden Thursday each week.)

  • Hpuletz

    Yeah, my number one reason for wearing a hat is to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my head, but if I was to visit your house again, I believe I’d be wearing one of the larger sun hats (rather than my baseball cap style hat). I didn’t enjoy the tick experience, but it really freaked the kids out. Ticks are so hardy too…can’t smash them! And when I tried to put one down the sink drain, it crawled back up. Eeww

  • Melissa

    Oh man i was so looking forward to a picture of a tick:)

    • Holly

      I wish I could have gotten my camera to focus. I was really wanting to include a photo of one. I even thought of “staging” one on my brush to show what it looks like when I’ve discovered one in my hear. Ewwww! They are sooooo creepy looking!!

  • Melissa

    anything that sucks blood is nasty!!

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