Homemaking for the 5 Senses: Touch

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As I was thinking through Jill’s Homemaking for the 5 Senses series, the Lord flooded my mind with ideas for the sense of touch. The sense of touch is not one we give a lot of thought to, but there are so many ways we can make our homes more inviting, more cozy, by maximizing the sense of touch.

1. Comfortable Front Porch Seating. John and I spend a lot of time just sitting on our covered porch, enjoying the scenery of our woods, and all the wildlife. It’s so calming to sit outside, while sipping on a beverage, and listen to the wind, cicadas, and chirping of birds.

One of my favorite things to do is watch the hummingbirds hover, while they drink the homemade nectar. Not only are hummingbirds fascinating to watch because of their sheer beauty and amazing mechanics of flight, they’re also rather comical. All too often, a single bird will attempt to guard an entire feeder – consisting of 5 or more feeding ports – ALL for himself.

At dusk, we also enjoy catching a fleeting glimpse of garden-friendly, mosquito-eating bats.

We get a LOT of use out of our comfortable front porch seating.

[Join me over at The Prairie Homestead, where I share 9 more ideas.]

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