Our Air-Conditioned & Heated Dog Houses


Today’s post is not a gardening post, but a subject dear to my heart – the comfort of animals, while they’re outdoors. (Don’t worry. I’ve been thinking through a bunch of gardening topics for the near future.)

John and I love animals, and can’t stand to think of them living in misery. To ensure our dogs are comfortable during our long days at work, and our incredibly long commute, John designed and built pampered daytime living quarters up by our barn. It’s not “glamorous”, but it’s very functional. We’ve added on a number of times, so it’s actually a little sad-looking, but, again, functional.

The dog houses do a great job protecting our pups from the miserably hot and humid summer days, as well as the cold and windy winter days. What I’m about to describe are only two of the three dog houses. The third house has been blocked off temporarily. As you’ll see [most of this] from the photos, the living quarters have [a / an]:

  1. Two rooms;
  2. Removable rooftops for easy access;
  3. Insulated walls, ceilings, and floors;
  4. Thermostatically-controlled window air-conditioner (with remote control);
  5. Foyer fan;
  6. Electric oil radiant heater;
  7. Straw bedding, for additional warmth and comfort;
  8. Been placed up against our barn, to provide a wind barrier;
  9. Wind-blocking foyer;
  10. Heated water bucket, outside the house; and
  11. Interior light.

John installed a flap in the doorway, to help keep in the coolness / warmth, but it was perceived as a chew toy. In a single day, the demolition team managed to turn a functional door into countless pieces, scattered throughout the kennel.

While this is not a how-to post, I’ve tried to provide ample photos so that anyone wanting to incorporate some or all of these features into their dog house will have enough information to do so. (Make sure whoever does the electrical work is knowledgeable in the trade.)

I like the fact that John built the houses as tall as they are. Many years ago, I had to crawl all the way into the back of one of the dog houses, turn around, and sit completely upright while I held one of our young puppies on my lap. We were trying to get the pup use to the new dog house, and being outside alone (for when we would be at work). She was quite vocal in her thoughts of the whole situation. I had to provide her the hands-on motherly nurturing to prove to her it wasn’t such a bad set-up.

Are we certifiably crazy? Can you tell we have no children? ;)

What crazy thing have you done, or heard of someone else do, for a pet?

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16 comments to Our Air-Conditioned & Heated Dog Houses

  • That is such a neat idea! My Dog is so spoiled, she slept’s with us in the house! lol

    • Holly

      Thanks! It was my husband’s idea.

      Your dog sleeps in the house? I know about that too. The air-conditioned and heated dog houses are only for the daytime. They sleep in the house at night too. :D (Well… two of the three dogs do.) Yip, our dogs are spoiled like yours. :)

  • If you’re crazy, so are we. We are planning A/C for the dog houses at our new place. We won’t really need heat for them.

    We are childless, also. They do become our kids, don’t they?

  • Melissa

    love this post and yes our dog has her own garden room, to come and go as she pleases.:)

  • Sounds like the Dogmajal. :) We have a shed and I tried to talk my husband into making it livable for our dog – he’s got issues (yes, both the husband & the dog) – year-round, but my husband is only slowly getting into getting the heated dog bowl, the heated blanket during the winter and a swamp cooler type/ice box during the summer. I’ll keep yours in mind when I talk to him about it this summer.

    • Holly

      You sound like a great advocate/mommy for your dog! And your husband is making wonderful progress, even if it seems like baby steps – he’s on your side.

      Aren’t the heated buckets wonderful! It’s nice knowing that the dogs’ water won’t freeze up after only a couple hours of being outside, especially since we’re gone sooooo long during the work days.

      I’m not sure what kind of heated blankets are out there; just be careful it’s not something the dog could chew and electrocute himself. But, again, I have NO clue as to what kind of blankets are out there, or how they’re made.

      I can’t quite picture what a swamp cooler type/ice box is, but just the name of it sounds PERFECT for hot days. You go, girl! ;)

  • Amber

    I’ve heard you talk about the doghouses lots of times and have tried to envision what they must look like. I’m so happy to get pictures of them. Much roomier than I envisioned!! :D

    As always, I love your writing style. Describing the dogs as a “demolition team” is hysterical. :D

  • Wow, this is great! We have automated heat lamps and lights for our chicken coop, but this is a whole nother level. Love it!

    • Holly

      Thanks, Erin. I’m so glad you like it.

      I’m looking forward to getting chickens… hopefully in the next year. I will be heading over to your site to check out your chicken coop! We’ll inspire each other. ;)

  • Hpuletz

    I know you and John aren’t this type, but it made me think of the phrase “he’s in the doghouse” (you know, when the wife is mad at the husband), which made me think John is making it comfortable for himself in such situations LOL. Justs needs a TV :)

    • Holly

      Funny! A TV, hmmm… I bet one would fit too. ;)

      [I know. I hate it when I see that on TV, where the wife kicks the husband to the curb (i.e. couch). I sometimes remind John how "lucky" he is to have me. ;)]

  • Chris Goff

    How are our “grand-puppies” doing? Sounds like they’ve got it made! Grandpa Chris

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