Until Spring Returns…

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We’ve not had any snow yet, but the temperatures have dropped enough that I’ve already worn my winter coat. Let’s face it… for those of us who LOVE gardening, landscaping, and watching hummingbirds from our front porch, we have some challenging months ahead of us. How do we keep ourselves from going A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y CRAZY until spring?!

I’ve given this some thought, and came up with a list of ideas.

  1. Dig up bulbs. Of course, not all my bulbs need to come indoors, but a few will. Remember the photo earlier this year of my Peruvian daffodils? A lot of you had never before seen this exquisite, beautiful, and VERY unusual looking flower. I’ve learned that high-maintenance bulbs – those requiring annual digging up in late fall, and replanting in spring – don’t have a high survival rate at my house. However, as you can see from the photo, the Peruvian daffodils are well worth the extra time, effort, and hassle.
  2. Clean and pack away all the hummingbird feeders. I love seeing the feeders all clean and looking almost brand new. Come next spring, all I’ll need to do is cook up an easy batch of hummingbird food, fill the feeders, and wait to be amazed.
  3. Stock up on bird seed. Especially during the freezing temperatures, when earth worms and insects are nowhere to be [easily] found, birds need a little extra help from us.
  4. Consider purchasing, or making, a couple more bird feeders. Extra feeders serve two purposes: 1) there’s plenty of food for the birds, especially if some are territorial, and 2) it allows more opportunities to watch them. I think I’ll put one or two feeders right up by a couple windows to get a better view from the living room couch and kitchen table.
  5. Start planning next spring’s vegetable garden. Sometimes just day dreaming about planning things we can’t yet execute, still gives us some satisfaction.
  6. Plant vegetable seeds indoors. This is something I’ve never done, but plan to do this winter. This will allow me the pleasure of gardening AND getting a jump start on the harvest.
  7. Repot indoor plants. I have a few indoor plants that are long overdue for some TLC. Repotting them will be a good winter time activity.
  8. Start/make new indoor plants. This can be as simple as cutting off 6” of the existing plant, sticking it in a glass of water, and placing near a window for sunlight. Before you know it, you’ll see roots growing.
  9. Build a bat house. Back in the spring, I did a couple posts about bats. One of the posts was how I got interested in bats, as well as all the advantageous of having bats near the house. The other post was how to make a bat house.

What similar activities do you plan on doing, until spring returns?

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