Friday’s Photo: Blue Orchids

I’ve never before owned an orchid plant, until this past May. I saw these blue orchids at the grocery store on Mother’s Day and thought they were BEAUTIFUL. When I went back a few days later to purchase one, they were sold out. They went FAST!! I’m sure Mother’s Day had a lot to do with it.

About a week later they had another shipment. At my request, they set one aside for me. This one isn’t as deep of blue as the first shipment, but gorgeous nonetheless. (I’ve since learned that the blue color has been artificially created, and the next time it blooms the flowers will be white. :( )

I never thought that much of orchids before. They just didn’t appeal to me, but now they do. I also had this idea in my head that they’re fragile, delicate, and difficult to keep alive. So far, this blue orchid has proven me wrong. They need low, indirect light; very little watering is required; and it’s been in bloom for 3 MONTHS!! The long bloom period is wonderful. About the first week in August is when the flowers started to fall off. Only a couple are still hanging on.

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9 comments to Friday’s Photo: Blue Orchids

  • Gorgeous! I love the blue color — but I am sure the white blooms next year will be lovely too. A botanical garden in Charlotte, NC, has a Christmas tree made entirely of orchids every year. My husband and I saw it a few years ago, and it was spectacular! I really started to like orchids then, too, but I’ve never tried to grow any…

    • Holly

      I’ve seen a Christmas trees made entirely of _______, but never of orchids. That sounds fascinating! (You’ll have to do a post of that around Christmas time :) ). Are the orchids all one color?

      After publishing the post, I realized I should have mentioned that I keep the plant indoors for the low lighting. I took it outside to photograph it. However, with our front porch being covered, I could possibly keep it outside on the front porch table where it would not get direct sunlight. Hmm…

    • Holly

      Oops! I didn’t mean to publish my previous comment so quickly. The blank line was to remind me to look up a flower name. Poinsettia. My mind was going blank. I couldn’t remember the name of the plant – poinsettia. LOL… In Indianapolis each year, they have (at least they did, maybe they still do) a Christmas tree made entirely of poinsettias.

  • These are so popular just now here aswell. At least you realise that the next time they flower they will be white……… not so sure if others will realise that they have been injected with dye. Over on the continent they like to spray dye over plants like heathers aswell.

    I must finish my blog post on caring for phalenopsis :)

    • Holly

      I believe I had read online somewhere about true blue orchids, but that they’re rare, due to the conditions of their habitat. When I saw a multitude of them at the grocery store, it seemed as though they were pretty easy to come by. Now that I know the color has been artificially created, it makes more sense now. :)

      I’m looking forward to reading your phalenopsis post.

  • Heather

    I was thinking of buying an orchid around Mother’s Day. They’re so elegant and beautiful.

    • Holly

      They really are, as you said, elegant and beautiful. Because they look so elegant, dainty, and fragile, I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to keep alive.

  • Cindy E

    Eek…my son works at an orchid greenhouse near Boulder, CO. They have a motto: “Friends don’t let friends buy blue orchids.” Blue orchids have been colored,it is not natural. There are many, many varieties and colors that are stunning without being dyed.

    I don’t intend to be rude, just sharing info. :-)

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