Friday’s Photo: RIBBIT

This time of year (July and August) we have these cute little toads ALL OVER our yard: red ones, brown ones… I took these photos this past week. This toad was one I found, like most of them, by accident. As I was watering my plants, I kept noticing something moving on the ground, in my peripheral. I figured it was either a spider, which we have NO shortage of here in the woods, or one of the many toads living in our yard. I finally decided to find what was moving around in the ivy. I figured this little guy would make a great Friday’s Photo.

Don’t worry: I wasn’t sqooshing him.

The toad is on my pinky finger.

Another photo of the toad on my pinky finger.

I LOVE trivia/fun facts about ANYTHING. Here’s a website that shares some interesting facts about toads and frogs. (I don’t subscribe to the world being millions and millions and millions of years old, but otherwise, it’s a neat site.) I clicked on many, but not all, of the links within this site. Neat stuff. Check it out.

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4 comments to Friday’s Photo: RIBBIT

  • Amber

    Great detailed pics!! With your zoom, you forgot to notice just how tiny he is!!

    • Holly

      Thanks! Yeah, I should have taken a photo of the toad in my hand, without the macro mode, to show just how small the toad is. If you look at your pinky finger and then look at the photo, he’s a tiny little toad.

  • So adorable! We have some of those in our garden as well. They jump so quickly I have not been able to catch them.

    • Holly

      I think they’re cute too! :) If you want to catch them, you have to try and catch them where they’ll be in the next hop, not where they’re currently at. I was surprised the toad didn’t jump off of my hand and pinky finger. Once I let it out my closed hand, it was rather “calm”.

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