Friday’s Photo: Mammoth Size Turtle

I didn’t want to show ANOTHER turtle photo so soon after the last one, BUT… this is mammoth size! I realize there are turtles larger than this one, but I doubt many people have seen them, other than at the zoo. (I could be wrong though.)

As I was driving home one evening, I saw a car ahead of me stopped in the middle of the road (a country road), with the driver’s door open, and a woman standing, waiving a t-shirt at something in the road. I think she was trying to see if what she was looking at was alive. I saw her quickly jump back in her car. Clearly it was alive. As I approached the animal in the road, I saw that it was a HUGE turtle. I put my flashers on, and got out of the car for a photo session. :)

Someone who drove by said they had seen a turtle about TWICE that size in the area, and mentioned that’s why you should never go swimming in the creeks or river nearby.

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6 comments to Friday’s Photo: Mammoth Size Turtle

  • Amber

    That has got to be the ugliest turtle I’ve ever seen. Usually I think “turtle” and thing “cute!”. Not so much this time, he’s scary!! :D

  • Melissa

    Did you pick him up and put him in the grass?

    • Holly

      Hi Melissa! [I've missed seeing your comments. :) ]

      He walked off the road, and was headed in the direction of the nearby creek. For a turtle, he sure was a fast little booger. He made it to safety.

  • I have also seen an alligator snapper about twice that size. Honestly, it scared me just a bit! They look very “prehistoric” to me. How fortunate that you had your camera with you when you came across this one!

    • Holly

      WOW! I can’t imagine seeing one TWICE that size. That would be cool! :) I’d love to see one that big. Of course, if I had seen one half the size of this one, I’d be saying, “I’d love to see one twice as big.” And… that’s what I saw. :D Be grateful for God gives you [me].

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