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How can you possibly resist them? Waiting so patiently, with a trustful look of anticipation, as you reach into the bag of french fries and hamburgers, they wait to be fed. Our intentions are well-meaning – the birds are hungry, and we have food. What’s the harm in that? None at all… if you’re eating a value meal of earth worms and a side dish of bird seed. : ) Unfortunately, it’s been my experience, restaurants simply do not keep these meals well stocked.

I realize this is not your typical gardening topic, but I don’t think it’s THAT far-fetched of an idea to discuss either. As gardeners, and people who simply enjoy nature, we LOVE watching birds. I think it’s important to remember that this experience and, more importantly, responsibility doesn’t stop at the edge of our garden.

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4 comments to Food For Thought

  • I went and read the rest of your post – certainly ‘good food for thought’. The ziploc sounds like the best solution.

    • Holly

      Thanks, Rosie. Yeah, the Ziploc bag is an easy way to help. I now have in my car a Ziploc bag of dry dog food and a Ziploc bag of bird seed. If I get concerned about a few more species, I’ll have a mobile pet food store. ;)

      Glad you stopped by!!

  • I’m laughing but yeah I can’t grow them since I’ve moved to the PNW, my yard is much too cool. Love eating them though and they grow wonderful watermelon on the other side of the state!

    • Holly

      What a tragedy to not be able to grow watermelon, but having a cool yard is a WONDERFUL trade-off. And there’s always the grocery store.

      I love eating them too! I didn’t realize that until just recently though.

      So glad you stopped by Your Gardening Friend. Thanks!

      P.S. I totally understand your comments about watermelon, but somehow it got placed inside the post about birds (robins, sparrows, pigeons, etc.) that roam around fast-food parking lots looking for french fries and hamburger buns. So your comment, “…I can’t grow them since I’ve moved to the PNW, my yard is much too cool. Love eating them though…” :-O made me gigle.

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