Friday’s Photo: The Turtle

I took these photos in early June, shortly after the bubbling boulder was delivered. (I REALLY do plan to have posts on that project… as soon as I complete it. :) )

I found this little guy roaming the pond liner. HOW did he find this little turtle resort? Well, while he was here, I decided I might as well get some Friday Photos out of it.

Here, he’s sitting on my front porch, with some of my German Shepherd’s hair on him.

This last photo, you can almost hear the poor thing pleading to the garden statue, “HELP!! A crazy lady is chasing me!”.

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5 comments to Friday’s Photo: The Turtle

  • Bobbi

    Wow, what a looooooong tail and sharp little claws, lolol. So cute!

    • Holly

      I know. What an “adorable” reptile (LOL). I’m not sure what kind it is though. Someone said it might be an alligator snapping turtle. I have no idea.

  • That does look like an alligator snapper! I’ve never seen a baby one! He looks like a cute little grumpy thing.

  • Tayne

    That IS a snapper! They’re cute when they’re that size, but they get quite the nasty temperment and stanky (MUCH worse than stinky) breath as they get older. Not that I have a habit of smelling snapping turtles’ breath, but when I was rescuing one that had gotten himself (or herself) stuck on a curb by having its shell wedged at an angle between the curb and the road, I put it on an old snow shovel and toted it down to the nearest pond. The entire trip it hissed at me with its mouth open, hench the knowledge of “funky breath.”

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