Friday’s Photo: Lily and Daffy

These flowers are around my house.

The first photo was taken mid-June, less than 24 hours before the flower opened entirely. I took a photo the following day of the full bloom, but I found it less magnificent than the partially opened bloom. In this photo, you can clearly see the petals, stamen (filament and anther), style, and stigma.

The second photo was taken late Spring. It’s a peculiar and fascinating daffodil, known as a Peruvian daffodil (Hymenocallis). It’s native to South America – Peru, I believe – and is suited for zones 8 – 10. This means I will have to dig it up prior to the first frost. :( I find it extraordinarily elegant with its wispy spray of back petals. I suppose it’s worth a little hassle.

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11 comments to Friday’s Photo: Lily and Daffy

  • Amber

    Wow!! The Peruvian daffodil is amazing!!

    • Holly

      I know! Now the challenge will be making sure I dig them up in time AND get them back in the ground next spring. Not something I’ve done well in the past.

  • Melissa

    I am with you, the first picture is beautiful.

    • Holly

      I think it’s funny that the partially opened flower seemed far more beautiful than it did after it had opened entirely. Hmm… If you were refering to the daffodil, I totally agree on that too! :)

  • Cindy Thompson

    What a beautiful daffodil! I will try to find one for my garden.

    We live in the mountain west and my lily is much later than yours.
    Last year after Easter I was given a very dry, dead-looking lily with instructions to plant it in a shady place. I did and didn’t see anything all last summer. I had decided that was the end of the lily. However this year after a very rainy spring, up popped 2 shoots. Now each one has 3 buds and I am waiting excitedly. All good things come to he who waits!

    • Holly

      It’s one of THE MOST beautiful flowers I’ve EVER seen… at least 1 of the top 10. I REALLY wish it could handle Indiana winters.

      I bought the Peruvian daffodils at a home improvement store, but I’ve also seen them in one of my van Bourgondien ( catalogs. I think the catalog is where I first saw them.

      What a pleasant surprise with your lily. What you’re describing reminds me a little of a “Resurrection Lily”. Have you heard of those? (It may not be what your lily is, but it reminded me of it.) I think(?) lilies are really good at multiplying their bulbs. A few years from now, you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of lilies popping up. :)

  • Wow what an amazing looking daffodil! I’ve never seen anything like it!

    • Holly

      I know – so unusual looking! I saw Peruvian daffodils for the first time sometime in the last year or two (?) in a flower catalog, but I got mine from a home improvement store. I was a little surprised to see such an unusual flower (bulbs) at the store.

  • Gorgeous — that first photo is incredible! And I’ve never heard of Peruvian daffodils, but they are lovely. I really like their dramatic blooms.

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