Gardening 101: Gardening Tools

You wouldn’t dream of making a meal without pots and pans, or running down the list of ingredients needed BEFORE you start cracking open the eggs. (Although, we’ve all probably done that at least once. You get halfway through making something and realize you’re out of eggs, or oil, or some other ingredient.) Gardening should be thought of the same way. Before you start your gardening project, think through it, as best you can, from start to finish. What will you need to do the project?

That’s how I pack for a vacation trip. I always start with the thought – What’s the very first thing that happens in the day? Well, I get up… BECAUSE the alarm clock went off (PACK alarm clock). Okay, what’s the next thing I do? I go to the bathroom and wash my face (PACK facial cleanser). I really do go through this mental routine every time I pack for a trip.

Here’s a list of items you’ll need to locate, purchase, or borrow BEFORE starting your gardening project. While it’s not an exhaustive list, it should take care of most gardening projects.

Safety Items:

    1. Garden Shoes (e.g. old boots – NO FLIP-FLOPS, unless you’re just watering plants)
    2. Sun Hat
    3. Mosquito Repellent
    4. Foam Cushion or Knee Pads
    5. Garden Gloves
    6. Bottled Water (to stay hydrated)


    1. Old Damp Rag
    2. Wheelbarrow
    3. Spade
    4. Shovel
    5. Bucket Shovel (That’s what I call it. It’s a shovel for scooping, so it holds a lot and has sides.)
    6. Rake
    7. Utility Knife (or large sharp scissors)
    8. Tape Measure
    9. Large Bucket
    10. Spray Paint (bright color) – if applicable (will be explained in a future post)
    11. Landscaping Cloth – if applicable
    12. Water Hose
    13. Water Hose Spray Valve
    14. Bags of:
      - Compost and Cow Manure,
      - Peat Moss,
      - Vermiculite and/or Perlite,
      - Gypsum,
      - Coarse Sand (not play sand), and
      - Top Soil, if needed
    15. Plants*
    16. Mulch or other Ground Cover**

*In future posts we’ll discuss which types of plants to purchase.
**Use the “Calculator” page to calculate the amount of mulch or other ground cover needed.

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