Gardening 101: Introduction

It’s Time!!!

I’m excited to say, it’s time! It’s time to start rolling out Gardening 101: A Step-by-Step Series.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting each lesson/activity on Mondays and Thursdays, until the series is finished.

Be sure to chime in with any questions you have. If you have a question, chances are someone else has had that same thought. (And I LOVE the interaction with my readers through the commenting feature.)

Today’s focus is to get you in the right mindset for starting YOUR project… a pep session, if you will. Of all the posts in this series, today’s will be the longest. The others will be more “bite-sized.”

The Goal of This Series

The goal of this series is to provide the novice, inexperienced, or self-proclaimed black-thumbed gardeners with bite-sized nuggets of gardening knowledge, and to inspire, encourage, motivate, and guide you through transforming a small corner of your world into a more beautiful place.

Don’t Be Intimidated, Be Encouraged

There is so much to know about gardening, and I feel I’ve only scratched the surface in my own knowledge; but just because there’s a lot to learn, it shouldn’t scare or intimidate you from starting. While there are some very important, even critical, things to know for successful gardening, you don’t have to know EVERYTHING there is to know on the subject to successfully create something beautiful. As you continue to gain more knowledge and skill, you’ll see your landscaping projects mature.

An Analogy

Let me give you a non-gardening analogy – think of it like cooking or baking. If you’re not a seasoned cook, you could watch a cooking show of a renowned chef making some gourmet cuisine, and you could do one of two things:

  1. Realize just HOW LITTLE you know about the subject, or the fact that your experience of working with spices goes no farther than salt and pepper, and feel TOTALLY inadequate. After all, you’re just a “regular” person. You’ve not gone to culinary art school and apprenticed under a renowned chef with a page of accolades, to perfect the culinary art. Just accept that there’s no point in even trying, and toss your frozen dinner in the microwave.…or
  2. Watch ONE cooking show. Take notes as you’re watching the show. Record it so you can refer back to it, and then make something you’ve seen made on TV. Maybe it’s a special sauce, the perfect truffle, a chocolate soufflé, or even homemade bread. Chances are, whatever you made will…
    1. taste heavenly;
    2. taste pretty good, and with a little more practice you’ll perfect it; or
    3. flop, and you’ll improve it the next time.

Bottom line, it was a success no matter how you look at it, and you didn’t have to be a chef to have that experience.

You can now have a party and serve your perfect whatever for dinner or dessert. Oh… but wait!! There’s a BAZILLION things you DON’T know about cooking, baking, sautéing, frying, broiling, boiling, and searing. So WHATEVER you do, don’t enjoy the one success you just experienced until you learn everything else on the subject! See where I’m going with this?

As time goes on, you’ll start picking up on things about gardening without giving it much thought. Just like you know with cooking to mix wet and dry ingredients separately, then combine; or knowing that a little flour can help thicken a recipe. You didn’t have to take a formal class to know these things… you just picked them up along the way, maybe by helping mom in the kitchen. The same thing will become true for gardening.

What You Can Expect To Learn In This Series

Here’s a list of some, although not all, of the things we’ll be going over in this series:

  1. Some basic gardening terms, definitions, and examples;
  2. Tools needed for gardening projects;
  3. How to plot out the contour of your landscape area;
  4. How to prepare the soil;
  5. Plant selection and arrangement;
  6. Mulch do’s and don’ts; and
  7. Maintenance and upkeep

Here We Go!

You’re going to learn some nuggets of knowledge you can put into practice and see some actual results. It may not look like a magazine-worthy, photographic botanical garden exhibit, but it will be something beautiful, something YOU created, and a stepping stone towards the perfect garden for you. As I’ve read somewhere someone saying about something :) , “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I think that’s true of gardening as well.

Are we fired up and ready to go?!

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