How To Make A Bat House

Below are photos of the bat house I referred to in a recent post.  I captured measurements in the photos that should aid in building your own bat house.  I’ve also included links of step-by-step guides on how to build a bat house.  [If you have kids, be sure to include them from the start of the project.  Let them help pick out the lumber, hand you tools, paint the house, and pick out which tree to hang the bat house.  The location of the bat house is important and is explained in the links provided.]

Paul Franklin, the man who made this particular bat house, is in the process of building a new and improved version so I may purchase another one later this year.  He provided me (actually my husband) with some awesome how-to-build-a-bat house website links to pass along to my readers.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife site is probably what he referred to when building my bat house.

A few things to know when making a bat house:

  1. Rough Surfaces!!!
    It’s very important that the interior wood has a rough surface, something like particle board.  The bats need something to cling to, and any little rough surface will provide that.
  2. Some Ventilation but Not Too Much
    If you’ll notice in the photos of my bat house, there’s one very, very small ventilation area towards the bottom of the house.  A little ventilation is good, however, pups need a warm nesting area, so the top portion of the bat house is where the mothers and pups will congregate.
  3. WHERE You Place the Bat House
    Where you place the bat house will either encourage bats to roost or will cause them to look elsewhere.  In a National Park pdf file provided by Bat Conservation International, a number of important factors are given for choosing a bat house location

    • the ideal temperature range for mothers and pups (cooler temperatures for bachelors), and things you can do to help achieve that interior bat house temperature range;
    • installation height for the bat house;
    • how soon bats will inhabit the house; and
    • other factors to consider.

You’ll find some excellent photos and building and installation instructions of a very elaborate bat house on this bsd link.  [You can click on the small photos to enlarge them.]

I’d love to hear your bat stories or share any cool photos you’ve taken.

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  • Heather

    I keep planning on building one, but haven’t gotten around to it. Especially since a feral mommy kitty decided to bring her 7 kittens to our garage about a month ago…been distracted with other things, too. But I hope it’s not to late in the season to get a bat house occupied because we’ll need the bats for the mosquitoes.

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