Gardening 101: A Step-by-Step Series

I’m working on a step-by-step series for both the inexperienced and black-thumbed gardener.  The tutorial will help you in plotting out a small landscaped area, understanding what constitutes healthy soil, proper plant selection and placement, and more.  My goal is to start the series in late March/early April.  Stay tuned…

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9 comments to Gardening 101: A Step-by-Step Series

  • Bethel Bose

    This might be a solution for my daughters yard. The mosquito population is so thick that she can no longer sit on her deck. When should I hang the feeder?

    • Holly

      As far as the mosquitos, a bat house might be the perfect solution. I’ll have more information in future posts about bat houses. And kids will LOVE the idea of having bats in the backyard.

      As far as when to hang a hummingbird feeder…probably April or May. I would suggest April, and if it takes a little while for the hummers to arrive, at least you’ll be ready for them. Once the weather warms up a bit the hummingbirds will arrive.

  • This is a great idea for a blog. I will definitely be following!

  • Linda

    I was talking with a neighbor this weekend who was having trouble already this year with bees going for the wild bird seed and dying. The corn was not fermented, so that wasn’t the problem. It took her a long time to get an answer, but the beekeepers are learning that pesticides on the corn in the field are poisoning the bees.

    Thought it was an interesting tidbit to pass along.

  • Karen Ostrom

    I’ve never had a garden but a friend grows a small kitchen garden, in troughs above the ground, she punches holes in the bottom. I’d like to grow tomatoes and then learn how to can them.

    • Holly

      I LOVE hearing from people excited to start their very first garden and those who are new to gardening. I hope to hear more from you. :)

      We have some GREAT resources in today’s giveaway that you might want to check out. See the items in today’s giveaway, specifically the sections titled “gardening” and “preserving.”

  • Kelly Tinkler

    I live in Rock Hill,SC just south of Charlotte. I planted a banana tree this year that was about 5 feet tall and had 2 babies. It loves it’s new home beside my deck and is now about 12ft tall and there are 6 plants now. No way can I dig it up. Can you advise me on how to protect it through the winter. I have read so many different things and would be devastated if I lost this beautiful tree. Look forward to hearing from you. It’s starting to get cold here.
    Thank you,

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